We at JinscribeTech write what we learn, do, experience and share that with others. Everyone learn something new everyday and so do we. Here at JisncribeTech, we document them so that same can be used by community. We get so much from our leaders, our kids teach us something new every now and then, we just blend them into words and present to you all. We all are surrounded by technology and face a new challenge everyday. So whenever we face a challenge and work our way through it, we put all that in words and try to help you all out in case you get the same challenge.

Why the Name ‘JiZiWeb’?

I would love to share the thought behind JinscribeTech. Jinscribe is combined with ‘J’ and ‘INSCRIBE’. The ‘J’ in Jinscribe comes from ‘J’ in ‘JIANNA’(My Daughter) and meaning of ‘INSCRIBE’ is ‘carving on something, as a permanent record’. Tech reflects that its technical so that’s how JinscribeTech is made.